What our Customers say...

Fire Damage Testimonials

A space heater caused a small fire and then the sprinklers went off and the whole place was a mess.  Luckily SERVPRO came in and helped us sort it out.  Couldn’t have done it as quickly without their help.

I’m a do-it-yourself kind of guy, but it didn’t work this time around.  For some things you need to call for help and SERVPRO is as professional as it gets.  They are quick, thorough and clear on what to expect.  

My wife warned me about overloading our electric panel with too many lights and she was right.  When a spark caused a minor fire, I couldn’t call SERVPRO fast enough to help get rid of the smoke and soot.  They were quick to arrive and to work on our house, I couldn’t believe.  Everyone should have their number handy in case of emergency.

Our old house has its charm, but it also has REALLY old wiring.  Not surprisingly, it caused a small fire to erupt leaving soot on top of our furniture and walls.  After we tried to tackle it ourselves, our neighbors recommended SERVPRO and am I glad they did!  Nothing rivals using professional equipment and cleaners for a job well done.

Our son’s experiment could have burned the house down.  Luckily the fire was contained, but the smell was overpowering.  The staff at SERVPRO came to our home equipped with several methods of cleaning the air.  I admit I was skeptical, but it worked!  We can breathe easier now that they’ve helped.

The consequences of people walking into our home after the disaster were visible and significant.  SERVPRO helped us put it all in order, discard what we couldn’t save and salvage what we could.  Best of all, they communicated with us every step of the way so we knew what to expect.  They were the silver lining in a hard situation!