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SERVPRO technician wear PPE gear

Cleaning Done For You

Our SERVPRO team offers professional cleaning services for vandalism, biohazard, infectious disease and more. 

Choose SERVPRO For Professional Cleaning Services

Our team's cleaning services are done for YOU! We have trained, educated and experienced in both commercial and residential cleaning. We will have your home or business clean and protected, establishing that comfortable environment again.  

Two SERVPRO air movers drying water damaged flooring

What Equipment Is Used For Water Damage Drying

Our SERVPRO teams utilizes both air movers and dehumidifiers for most water damage depending on the severity and other damages caused. 

How Air Movers Work

The number one goal to water damage restoration cleanup is to reduce the amount of excess moisture and water. This not only prevents mold growth but prevents any additional damage taking place. Air movers work to speed up the evaporation process, getting your home back to its original state sooner!

mold on walls, damaged ceiling

Woodbury Mold Demolition

This abandoned house in Woodbury, as shown in the Photo, suffered irreversible mold and storm damage. Our SERVPRO team can remove all the damaged building materials and dispose of them according to EPA and local codes. Then we can spray an antifungal agent and begin the build back.

equipment drying room, baseboards removed

Woodbury Learning Center and Water Damage Mitigation

The SERVPRO team arrived very soon after the call to vacuum up any water remaining on the carpet in this Woodbury learning center room. The drying equipment can remove the excess dampness and water vapor to mitigate any secondary water damage. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

stained water damaged ceiling, hole by wall

Storm Damages Ceiling in Woodbury

The rainstorm leaked into the attic of this Woodbury home and damaged the ceiling, as shown in the Photo. SERVPRO can remove the damaged acoustical tiles and dry the void before restoring the ceiling to its preloss condition.

charcoal burned cabinet and hood in kitchen

Cottage Grove Fire in the Kitchen

The grease fire charred the hood, back wall, upper cabinets and the gas range in this Cottage Grove home. The goal of our SERVPRO crew is to remove the burnt coatings and refinish the wood to prevent replacement.

removed wall section and wood planks, showing concrete pad

Controlled Water Damage Demolition in Cottage Grove

The Photo shows the precise demolition cuts made by our SERVPRO team during the early stages of this water damage cleanup and restoration in Cottage Grove. We salvaged most of the engineered wood flooring and drywall. Our neat work expedited the reconstruction while keeping the cost minimal.

three air movers by a small closet opening, carpet removed

Woodbury Water Restoration

Low profile air movers are completing the water damage restoration service in this Woodbury home. Our SERVPRO technicians understand the strategic placement of these air circulators greatly enhances the evaporation rate of moisture from hard and soft surfaces. This mitigates the water damage.

3 dehus, toy, panels against the walls

Woodbury Daycare Center and Water Damage

The leak from the tap wet the carpet in this Woodbury pre-school structure, requiring some water extraction and drying. The SERVPRO equipment is finishing up the service, and then the remodeling can continue since we prevented water damage from wicking up the sheetrock walls.

concrete pad in basement, plumbing lines on concrete walls, ceiling joists.

Basement Flooding Cleanup in Falcon Heights

This Photo shows the fine work done by our SERVPRO technicians to extract water from this Falcon Heights basement. The sump pump failed, we used a trash pump and an electrical pump to start the restoration process. Concrete takes many days to dry properly, so we monitored this basement with our advanced devices.

inside room, burned, debris all over

House Fire in Woodbury

The fire damage is obvious after the firefighters have extinguished this blaze in a Woodbury property. SERVPRO can begin the fire and water damage (from the extinguishing) when given the okay from the fire marshal to enter the burned structure.

opened ceiling, plastic sheeting, white bookcase

Woodbury Ceiling Leak

The ceiling leak occurred from a frozen pipe in the attic. The soaking was extensive, and our SERVPRO team tore out the damaged ceiling material and set up plastic to increase the speed of the drying process for mitigating the water damage.

exposed ceiling and walls, poly containment barrier

Woodbury Storm Damage Mitigation

The poly sheeting protects some of the furnishings during the storm damage cleanup and demolition in this Woodbury residence. The demolition removed the non-salvageable drywall panels and allowed us to dry the exposed areas.

limb broken thru shingled roof

Woodbury Wind Storm Damage

The extreme windstorm toppled a tree onto the roof of this Woodbury house. Why call SERVPRO to mitigate the physical and water-induced damage? Because We're Faster To Any Size Disaster. We promise to arrive quickly to begin the restoration and build back.

water puddles on floor, carpet, desk with chair

Cottage Grove Office Water Removal

The burst pipe meant a drenched office in this Cottage Grove building. With a rapid response from our SERVPRO team, we can mitigate the water damage by quickly extracting the pooling water from the carpeting. We also move the chair and other items to prevent water damage.

sooty coating on wall below window

Fire Damaged Wall in Woodbury

The sooty damage on the wall above a base heater occurred in a Woodbury rental unit. SERVPRO provides property managers with a rapid response to mitigate the fire damage; We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

two drying mats, pump and yellow bucket and hoses

Woodbury Water Removal Services

The pictured drying mats are hooked up to a yellow bucket to receive the siphoned water from the hardwood flooring. This water clean up mitigates the damage to the flooring by using advanced equipment.

water damage hole in ceiling showing timbers

Woodbury Ceiling Leak

The old copper supply line coupling failed in the attic of this Woodbury home. The ceiling leak was stopped by SERVPRO technicians. We then dried the water-damaged area after removing the hanging debris. Soon the repair can begin to restore this ceiling to its preloss condition.

pumps in a plant, flooding on concrete pad

Woodbury Pump House Leak

Management at this Woodbury facility contacted SERVPRO to remove the standing water caused by failed pump elements. The understanding of preventing mold infestations and hazardous conditions made for a wise choice. We can complete the drying process with an antimicrobial agent.

peeled ceiling materials, damaged

Storm and Snow Damage in Cottage Grove

The weight of snow and rainstorms can damage a roof in a Cottage Grove home, leaving these visual results. SERVPRO can secure the breached roof with tarps as the removal of risky hanging building materials can begin.

sooty film on white walls and ceiling and stained trim work

Puff Back Creates Smoke Damage in Cottage Grove

The film of petroleum-based soot leaves a sticky mess on surfaces upon settling. Most homeowners try to wipe away the dirty coating only to discover the smearing has created an even larger problem. Call us at our SERVPRO office to inspect, cleanup up the soot, and deodorize your home.

water stains on old carpet, waterlogged wall

Woodbury Water Damaged Bedroom

The base heater leaked water and soaked the wall and the carpet in this Woodbury bedroom. SERVPRO can remove the lower section of the wall, and the water damaged carpet and discard it as requested by the customer.

wood and paneling surfaces with mold spottings

Woodbury Surface Mold

Often mold problems occur when moisture accumulates from very high indoor air humidity. Perhaps an HVAC system has been off during vacation time, like in this Woodbury home. SERVPRO recommends maintaining 50-60% interior humidity. We can remove this mild surface growth with special cleansers, "Like it never even happened."

poly containment barrier in a warehouse, high ceilings

Mold Remediation in a Woodbury Warehouse

When water seepage resulted in mold colonization, the client in this Woodbury warehouse immediately called SERVPRO. We can erect containment barriers to limit the circulation of mold spores, protecting stored contents, and then start the removal of the fungi. Doing it right, does matter!

Removed carpet, concrete pad

Flooding Mitigation in Woodbury

This Photo illustrates the progress our technicians have made during the floodwater extraction and removal of the contaminated carpet. We replace what is necessary and salvage what we can. Our Woodbury customers appreciate our efforts.

charred wiring in attic, black sheathing

Cottage Grove Fire Damage

The fire damaged the electrical wiring in this Cottage Grove attic crawlspace. SERVPRO takes precautions to remove the damaged material and then to dry ice blast the charred surfaces. More work to come before spraying a fire and odor-reducing primer.

water pooling on carpet in a hallway

Woodbury Water Problem

The visible standing water on this carpet in an office in Woodbury can be salvaged with a swift extraction. SERVPRO can arrive and immediately begin to suction out the water and set up drying equipment to preserve all building materials, including the carpeting. We can help.

water reflecting ceiling lights in a flooded office area, chairs stacked on side

Woodbury Office Flooding

The broken water line flooded this office suite in Woodbury. Our SERVPRO crew arrived quickly, moved furnishings out of harm's way, and proceeded to suction out the standing water. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

burned washing machines, and blackness on walls, white door

Woodbury Fire Damaged Garage

The small fire deposited sooty, sticky films on many surfaces within this Woodbury garage. Rapid arrival, cleanup of the debris, and setting up air scrubbers to purify the air is what SERVPRO is known for. Count on us to make it "Like it never even happened."

equipment spaced in hallway of building

Woodbury Water Damage Mitigation

The corridor in this municipal building in Woodbury suffered a water leak during the night. The tiled flooring held the pooling water until SERVPRO techs arrived and suctioned off this moisture. Since the vinyl baseboards preventing wicking into the walls and the door frames were metal, we quickly set up drying equipment. The rapid deployment of air movers and LGR dehumidifiers restored the interior ambient moisture levels, thus preventing rusting and secondary water damage. We have much industrial-grade equipment, stocked along with drying products, in our Green Fleet.

runny, sooty black film on tiled wall behind a bathtub

Cottage Grove Fire and Soot Cleanup

The fire left sticky, residual soot in this bathtub enclosure. Our SERVPRO team arrived promptly at this Cottage Grove house to remove the soilings and to place equipment for removing the pungent odors. Luckily, wiping down hard surfaces like tile and porcelain requires no refinishing.

visible water damage to ceiling, fan blade visible

Newport Water Damaged Ceiling

The water line ruptured and soaked the ceiling sheetrock in this Newport home. Our SERVPRO crew can remove the hazardous, water-logged material and then dry and treat the exposed attic crawl area. We can help.