What our Customers say...

Commercial Testimonials

Our staffing company is the hub for all our employees as they head out.  When we couldn’t use it, our operations suffered.  SERVPRO came in and restored the space by tossing some items and cleaning and sanitizing the rest.  Our staff was back in business in no time at all.

I have a small beauty salon where we do hair, makeup and nails for mainly elderly clients. When water threatened to shut us down a client recommended SERVPRO.  I am so happy we called them!  They helped us dry and disinfect the space quickly so our ladies wouldn’t miss out on their weekly appointments.  Happy clients all around!

We focus on healthy and organic products with a short shelf life.  Every minute our doors remain closed affects our bottom line.  SERVPRO was quick to arrive and help us restore the store swiftly.  They even helped us set up a temporary service area so we could continue to work while the crew cleaned up the rest of the place.  Thank you!!

I keep inventory in an offsite warehouse that caught on fire.  After firefighters left, SERVPRO helped me sort through debris and product and restored much of it.  Because they helped me, my loss wasn’t as extensive.

My little arts and crafts store smelled awful after a fire burned two stores down.  Ash and soot had settled EVERYWHERE, but SERVPRO came in with a variety of cleaning methods to get rid of the smell and the layer of dust.  I will be holding on to their information and sharing with my fellow shop-owners.

Our small café sprung a leak and soaked most of our displays.  We were worried about the fixtures and health consequences of the incident, but SERVPRO came in and helped us out.  I was very impressed by how knowledgeable the team was.  We were back open in no time at all.