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How To Fix a Flooded Basement?

11/1/2022 (Permalink)

Basement cleanup after a flood

Help! My Basement is Flooded!

A bad storm can cause a lot of damage to your Woodbury, MN house. Water damage is one of the most common causes of home loss and can be very expensive to fix. If water from heavy rains or flooding enters your basement, there are several things that you can do in order to repair that damage quickly and easily.

1. Remove the Water

To begin recovering from a flooded basement, you'll have to remove as much water as possible. The first step is to get a sump pump and start running it. If you don't have one of these, there are other options—you can use a wet/dry vacuum or just mop up the floor with towels and lay down fans to dry out the area more quickly.

Once the water has been removed (or at least reduced), open doors and windows so that air can circulate through the space. This will help prevent mold growth in your basement which could cause health problems for both people living there and those who visit often!

2. Clean Up the Property

The next step is to clean up the property. This will also help you prevent mold growth and other problems, as well as make it more livable again.

You should also call a basement flooding expert for help with this task. The cleanup involves removing any damaged furniture or items in the affected area, cleaning walls and floors (with an eye toward getting rid of mold), drying out any wet areas and making sure they’re sealed off from moisture, putting away all belongings that were moved out of harm’s way during the flood event, clearing up excess water that's been pumped out or drained into buckets (and then disposing of it properly), removing any standing water in your yard or driveway if there was enough rain involved—and then sealing off punctures made by roots so they don't leak again.

3. Call a Basement Flooding Expert

Your first instinct might be to do it yourself and save some money, but there are several reasons why you should get an expert involved. First off, they're going to know exactly what's wrong with your basement and can help make sure the problem doesn't happen again in the future. They'll also have access to all of the tools that are required for making repairs, which means you won't have to worry about renting them yourself or running out of space in your tool shed if you try installing one yourself. In addition, many professionals offer warranties on their work so that it's unlikely anything will go wrong after they've completed their job for you!

Finally, it should be noted that hiring a professional is not always cheaper than doing repairs on your own—if someone isn't familiar with what needs fixing and how long it will take them (or even worse: if they don't know how much work needs doing at all), then this could end up costing more than actually having experienced professional take care of things right away. So don't let fear keep you from hiring someone who knows what they're doing--get peace of mind by calling SERVPRO of Woodbury, Cottage Grove today.

Preventing future basement floods will save you from the headaches of cleaning up after a flood. One way to do that is by installing a sump pump and drain tiles around the foundation of your home.

Once you've made sure everything is working properly, make sure that the battery backup for your sump pump is charged. Additionally, it's important that you keep an eye on how much water goes through your pipes each month and make changes if necessary so that they're not overflowing into the basement again.

Now that we’ve covered the basics of how to fix a flooded basement in your Woodbury, MN home, it’s time for you to get started. The most important thing to remember is that prevention is better than cure, so if you want to avoid all the hassle and expense of dealing with floods in the future then please take note of this article. We've looked at some solutions for how to fix a flooded basement. Give SERVPRO a call for your local water damage restoration experts!

Common Plumbing Issues

7/21/2022 (Permalink)

Leaking pipes can also cause severe water damage

Common Plumbing Problems

Water waste issues in a Newport, MN, building can stem from a simple problem such as a clogged toilet to a more complicated concern such as a burst water main. Regardless of the dilemma, it's essential to understand the most common issues so you can take the appropriate steps to quickly address the problem with the least amount of damage incurred. Learn more about the most common plumbing problems to look out for in your building. 

Plumbing Clogs

A clogged drain is one of the most common problems. Slow drains and stoppages need to be fixed. Flooding and the sewage backup can happen with a chronically clogged toilet. Other causes of clogs and slow drains include: 

  • Hair 
  • Waste 
  • Paper 
  • Minerals
  • Dirt
  • Grease
  • Objects 
  • Build-up

Pipe Leaks

Keep your eyes peeled for pipe leaks, as they could be costing you a significant amount of money. It is imperative to identify and fix your leak to prevent this from recurring. Leaking pipes can also cause severe water damage, so seeking a permanent solution will prevent you from spending too much on repairs.

Faucet Drips

The most common reason for drips in sinks is faulty or worn-out parts, including washers, gaskets, and O-rings. A corroded pipe inside the sink can also lead to a leak. If the leak is severe enough to damage your property, you might need a specialist in Newport, MN, to help with water damage restoration. 

Toilet Runs

In many cases, the problem with a running toilet is a stuck flapper or O-ring. When one of these components becomes worn or damaged, clean water can easily run out continuously without a stop mechanism and cause exponential water waste. Other reasons may include an improperly sized flapper or chain, or toilet handles that have build-up or corrosion.

By addressing commonly occurring problems and being aware of water usage to identify any potential leaks, you can prevent water damage from occurring and protect your business.

4 Common Causes of Water in the Basement

5/24/2022 (Permalink)

If the sewage system in your home fails, the dirty water often ends up in your basement.

4 Causes of Basement Water

As a homeowner in Newport, MN, you have to be on your toes all of the time. You never know where the next threat to your house will come from. As possibilities go, a basement flood can happen to just about anyone. If this does occur in your home, quick action is essential, and calling for the services of a professional water restoration franchise is one of the best things you can do. These common situations often require professional help.

1. Sewage Backup

If the sewage system in your home fails, the dirty water often ends up in your basement. This can cause health effects, and be a property damage concern. To take care of both, you will need the services of trained technicians who are equipped with PPE and the right equipment.

2. A Broken Pipe

Old pipes break all of the time in homes. Sometimes the biggest lines are located in your basement and if they bust the result is a basement flood. Further complicating matters, the water could be near sensitive heating and cooling equipment as well as electrical systems.

3. A Flooded Living Area

Many basements include nice living spaces, with furniture, carpeting, insulation, sound systems and more. A water leak that flows into these areas requires the knowledge and equipment that only comes from highly-trained technicians. These workers can remove the water, dry out the water objects and materials and restore the basement back to itis original condition.

4. A Water Leak From Above

With its tendency to flow downhill, any untreated water leak is liable to end up in your basement. On its way down, the water is apt to cause significant structural damage. Only a professional team can analyze the water damage and come up with a workable restoration plan.

A basement flood in your home is not inevitable, but it could happen. If it does take immediate action and call for professional help if necessary.

5 Things You Should Know About Water Damage

4/29/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO has the equipment and experience to extract water from your home or business, leaving your property dry.

5 Water Damage Facts You Should Be Aware Of

Though water is the source of life, it is a mess when it gets into your home in Woodbury, MN. There are several things you need to know in case a damaged water line, pipe burst, or natural disaster strikes your home.

1. Water Damage Develops Fast

Even a simple dripping pipe can cause water damage to spread quickly. Once water enters your home, the drywall, carpets, and hardwood flooring can all be damaged. While it may start fairly isolated, untreated spots can see mold growth that carries the damage further.

2. It Can Get Expensive

What may seem like a small leak can still do a lot of damage. A water restoration company may have to take serious measures to salvage your house. This can leave you owing thousands of dollars.

3. It Is Often Avoidable

While natural disasters are unavoidable, issues like a pipe burst are often completely preventable. All you need to do is take proper precautions. Consider installing a leak detection system, upgrading your older plumbing, and having regular maintenance performed.

4. Your Insurance May Cover the Damage

Your insurance typically covers some types of damage. Flood insurance covers any flooding caused by natural disasters, such as hurricanes, blizzards, and thunderstorms. Meanwhile, a standard homeowner's policy covers unexpected internal disasters, such as a broken appliance line.

5. It Doesn’t Completely Destroy Your Home

The good news is that you can salvage many damaged items and materials. If you act quickly, a restoration company that offers content cleaning should be able to dry out your belongings and your house. Therefore, you need to contact the professionals immediately and get the ball rolling on restoration work.

Flooding, whether from rain or a pipe burst, can do a lot of damage to your home and personal belongings. Fortunately, knowing these facts can help you be prepared for any water crises that may occur.

Leading Causes of Water Damage in Woodbury Homes

3/14/2022 (Permalink)

In any water damage event SERVPRO of Woodbury, Cottage Grove is the team you need.

Understanding How Water Damage in Woodbury Occurs Directs the Needed Restoration Actions.

Water damage impacts homes daily, and because there are so many types and causes, our water restoration division is among the most diversely trained and experienced of our recovery roster. We can help when disasters strike.

Leaks in the Plumbing

Plumbing leaks have been named the leading cause of water damage to Woodbury homes and others throughout the area our SERVPRO team services. Because of the urgency of these situations to stop the flow of water and identify all affected areas, we respond fast 24/7 with mitigative strategies. We use sophisticated tools to track moisture movement, such as:

  • Thermal imagery
  • Hygrometers
  • Surface moisture meters
  • Probing moisture detectors

Faulty Appliances

Many water-fed or condensation-producing appliances in the household can cause and continue water damage for area homes. Washing machines and dishwashers have multiple seals and connections that could contribute to structural harm. Other options, like water heaters or air conditioners, can begin malfunctioning as they age and deteriorate.

Burst/Frozen Pipes

Freezing is a concern for many homes in the winter. With under-insulated pipes or low temperatures in some regions of the house with plumbing exposed, the threats of freezing water inside of these lines grows. Several hundreds of gallons of water can flow onto the floors when pipes burst until the supply is severed.


Accidents can account for a considerable volume of the water damage incidents that impact homes. From overflowing to the mismanagement of water-fed appliances like the dishwasher or washing machines, even an isolated incident could have surface water spreading throughout the room and adjacent spaces. Our mitigation team must work fast to manage these developing threats.

Several types of water damage incidents could impact homes and businesses in the area. As quickly as these events can affect properties, professionals of our SERVPRO of Woodbury, Cottage Grove team are ready 24/7 to help. Call now at (651) 314-4631. 

Requirements for Water Extraction in Woodbury Homes

1/21/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Woodbury, Cottage Grove is ready to take on your water damage.

There are multiple water removal tools used in damaged Woodbury properties.

Mitigation is a critical first stage for water-damaged homes and businesses in the area. Standing water is hazardous for the houses, so our SERVPRO team makes a concentrated effort to manage pooling with multiple extraction devices.

Wet Vacuums Are Versatile

For water removal in Woodbury homes, the most traditional device for this effort is a wet vacuum. These lightweight and mobile extraction units are among the most widely used due to their ability to operate extensions and accessories, including carpet wands.

Electric Submersible Pumps

For more significant water damages where pooling can exceed several inches, electric submersible pumps are among the favored choices for extraction. Often, these 12-volt units are not a substantial draw on available power but offer a quiet and continuous intake of water from the threatened area of the house until the depth reaches a point where wet vacuums can take over.

Without Available Portable Power 

Power is rarely guaranteed for water restoration projects, especially during flooding conditions. Water damage can significantly compromise the electrical circuits, causing a widespread loss of available power used to operate the most regularly used extraction devices. Depending on the condition of the affected materials and the severity of water pooling, alternatives include:

  • Truck-Mount Extractor – This works for the most severe water damage incidents, often targeting pooling of several inches or more. The unit operates off a vehicle engine.
  • Gas-Powered Submersible Pump – Gas pumps are more portable and versatile than stationary units like truck-mount extractors. We can move several hundred gallons of standing water a minute from the damaged areas with self-priming units.
  • Mopping and Toweling – Smaller surface water concerns can be fully resolved with toweling and mopping. 

Water extraction is one of the most essential restoration actions our SERVPRO of Woodbury, Cottage Grove team can take. We have multiple units capable of helping, depending on the situation. Give us a call today at (651) 314-4631.

Water Mitigation is Essential When You Want Results After a Water Emergency in Woodbury

11/29/2021 (Permalink)

Give SERVPRO of Woodbury, Cottage Grove a call as soon as water strikes.

Call SERVPRO for Water Mitigation and Restoration – We Use the Latest Technology in Woodbury!

Basement flooding or significant water spills are never a time to opt for DIY cleanup. You must know that failing to get all of the moisture cleared up could open the door for a wide variety of issues. Not only is there a potential for secondary damage and materials to become unsalvageable, but you also may have mildew and mold development. Whatever the water emergency you are dealing with, prompt water mitigation gets you the best results, so your home goes back to regular faster. SERVPRO is available for emergency services water damage response 24 hours a day, and we deploy a crew within hours of your call.

Regardless of the water emergency scope, SERVPRO comes in to start immediate water mitigation in Woodbury. Standing water can impact many surfaces, your contents, and materials, even if it is a clean water situation. A clean water emergency can turn into gray water within as little as 48 hours. When you call us for water removal services, our IICRC-certified water restoration technicians (WRT) have the training and experience to handle all water categories, like:

  • Clean Water – also known as Category 1, which does not have contaminants
  • Gray Water – also known as Category 2, which sometimes has biological or chemical contaminants
  • Black Water – also known as Category 3, which is riddled with bacteria and harmful viruses

When you have professional mitigation and restoration taking place, SERVPRO has truck-mounted extractors and submersible pumps to bring up massive amounts of water in a short period. We also may go through the impact zone to apply EPA-registered spray disinfectants to standing water in gray and black water situations. 

Our crew at SERVPRO of Woodbury, Cottage Grove, arrives in full PPE to handle water mitigation to ensure your property gets restored “Like it never even happened.” Call us at (651) 314-4631!

Who Should I Call for Water Damage Remediation in Cottage Grove After my Water Heater Leaks?

10/5/2021 (Permalink)

A hot water heater in your business can cause a large amount of damage. Don't hesitate to call SERVPRO today.

SERVPRO Conducts Water Damage Repairs in the Cottage Grove Area

One minute, things could be going fine as usual, and you wake up to take a shower and find that there is no hot water coming out of the faucet. As you check other faucets for hot water, you realize there is something wrong with your water heater. As you go to your utility closet to take a look at it, you notice water on the floor around it, and you can hear it leaking out from the bottom.

Anytime you notice moisture on your floors, water restoration companies in Cottage Grove, such as SERVPRO, can help. Even if you think the amount of water is small, there could be moisture hiding from the bare eye. Items like your walls or flooring materials could have soaked up water, leaving them susceptible to damage and possibly mold growth. Luckily, we can help prevent secondary issues such as the formation of fungi by conducting the following procedures:

  • Water Damage Remediation
  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Repairing Burst Pipes
  • Fixing Ceiling Leaks
  • Basement Flooding Cleanup
  • Water Clean Up

One of the first things we do after your water heater breaks is to call in a certified plumber to shut off the water and then replace the heating unit. Once the water heater is removed and not leaking moisture into your home, we can inspect your structure for damage. We start at the source and then use moisture sensors and meters to see how far throughout your building the water traveled. Since the source of the water is clean, there is a chance that we can save many of your affected building materials and contents through extraction and drying procedures. 

If you ever notice a large puddle of water after your water heater breaks, call SERVPRO of Woodbury, Cottage Grove at (651) 314-4631.

What Does Water Mitigation in Woodbury Properties Involve?

9/10/2021 (Permalink)

Water leaks often damage floor materials first. From carpet to hardwood, SERVPRO is the trusted choice to restore your home.

SERVPRO Inspects Damaged Areas to Determine if Water Damage Repairs or Replacements are Necessary

Uncontrolled moisture exposure is detrimental to many of the materials in your Woodbury home. However, the damage left depends on what is exposed to the water intrusion. Since water damage can occur even without direct contact, seeking professional help is the best way to mitigate all damages effectively.

Since water settles on floors, water mitigation in your Woodbury home will likely focus on floor covers such as hardwood floorboards and carpets or trim such as baseboards or door frames. Because such elements absorb moisture at different rates, our SERVPRO technicians take additional steps to mitigate damage to such materials. We expedite the extraction of water pooling on the surfaces. We then use penetrative and non-penetrative moisture meters to establish the level of moisture absorption, especially for the semi-porous materials. Knowing the level of moisture absorbed helps in setting drying goals. The mitigation process might also depend on the source of the water.

Common water intrusion sources include:

  • Leaking roof from storms
  • Burst pipes
  • Ceiling leaks

If the water source is in the roof, ceiling, or wall cavities, other complexities arise. The leaking water affects more materials as it flows towards the ground level. In most cases, it affects the insulation, framing, plates behind baseboards, among other delicate materials. Drying might not restore such materials.

Our SERVPRO technicians examine the affected areas to determine what to repair and what to replace. For instance, we cut off soaked drywall panels since they might crumble in the attempt to dry them. We also remove some types of insulation, such as Rockwool.

SERVPRO of Woodbury, Cottage Grove customizes the water mitigation to match the loss conditions at your property. Call us at (651) 314-4631 for assistance that helps resolve any issue, “Like it never even happened.”

Saving Hardwood Floors After Water Damage in Woodbury

7/27/2021 (Permalink)

Wet floors can quickly break down as they absorb the excess water. Call in our SERVPRO water restoration team to assess and remediate.

SERVPRO Trains and Equips Our Crews to Rescue Your Floors With Effective Water Damage Remediation in Woodbury

Soaked hardwood floors from an appliance leak are an unfortunate homecoming after weekend getaway, requiring a scramble to find expert water restoration in Woodbury. While waiting for professional emergency services, homeowners can:

  • Shut off the water 
  • Lay absorbent towels 

What Water Clean Up Techniques Do SERVPRO Technicians Use to Save Hardwood Floors?

Prepare not for the worst, but to be pleasantly surprised as the SERVPRO team assesses and plans for your wet floor’s water damage repairs. Advanced water damage remediation options permits our workers to return your Woodbury home’s flooring to preloss condition with minimal disruption.


Drying goals determination requires moisture level data for the affected hardwood and baseline numbers from similar but dry materials also in your Woodbury home using:

  • Moisture detectors
  • Moisture meters
  • Infrared imaging 

Water Removal Services

Once SERVPRO locates the absorbed and trapped water, we employ strategies to draw lingering moisture out of the hardwood. Some or all of the following tools and methods help us restore water damaged wood to normal moisture readings:

  • Truck-mounted or portable extractors suction away standing water.
  • Floor drying mats affixed tightly according to the assessment’s moisture mapping use negative air pressure to pull water from several floor layers.
  • Air movers speed drying, directed upward from the level below the wet floor or under selected strips or planks temporarily loosened and raised.
  • Heaters and dehumidifiers collaborate,  creating a warm, dry atmosphere conducive to rapid evaporation of the water damaging the hardwood.

Call SERVPRO of Woodbury, Cottage Grove at (651) 314-4631 24/7. Explore your hardwood water damage restoration options using our experienced crews.

Why is a Quick Water Removal Service Necessary in Woodbury?

6/1/2021 (Permalink)

Recent water damage in your home? We are standing 24/7 by with certified technicians and the necessary clean up equipment.

Our SERVPRO Technicians Can Perform Water Cleanup Services in Your Woodbury Home

Your Woodbury property needs immediate water removal services to prevent additional water damage after the disaster. It is hard for a homeowner to find and completely stop the source of the water. Our SERVPRO technicians can identify that leaking pipe and the gaps and cracks in your floor, which might be allowing rainwater to sip through the flooring. After stopping the source of the water, it is time to extract the water professionally.

How Does SERVPRO Do Extraction After A Water Damage Incident in Woodbury?

Experts like SERVPRO should do water removal services in Woodbury because the process needs expertise, appropriate tools, and technology. The main reason why we extract water is to prevent additional damage and mold growth. Apart from removing visible water, we have to locate non visible water through the help of infrared cameras. If the water level is so high, we can use pumps to pump it out and install dehumidifiers and fans to dry the ceiling, walls, and building cavities. Additionally, we can:

  • Use high-end vacuums to extract water from the carpets
  • Use moisture meters to determine the moisture content
  • Use antimicrobials to disinfect the area

SERVPRO of Woodbury, Cottage Grove is IICRC-certified and follows the state codes when restoring your property. Call (651) 314-4631 when you need to work with a proven industry leader.

Do Icicles Mean You Need Water Damage Restoration?

3/19/2021 (Permalink)

If icicles lead to water damages on your property, Call SERVPROS experts for assistance at (651) 314-4631.

SERVPRO Helps Woodbury Homes Stay Dry

Woodbury is a charming Minnesota town where you can enjoy good food, the great outdoors, and plenty of leisure time. The city is within easy reach of Minneapolis so that you can take advantage of all the bigger city has to offer, too.

Woodbury settlers originally named the town Red Rock but later discovered a Red Rock Township elsewhere in Minnesota. They chose the new name in honor of Levi Woodbury, an associate Justice of the Supreme Court. For much of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, Woodbury was mostly farmland, but in 1955 developers broke ground on the first proper suburban housing area. Woodbury quickly grew too fast to sustain itself as a village, and shortly after, officials incorporated it into a town.

Take to the Slopes Near Woodbury

Minnesota is known for its cold winters and plentiful snowfall. That makes it an excellent destination for some winter sports, and one of the most popular skiing areas near Woodbury is Afton Alps. You can ski on a mountain with a 300 ft vertical drop or enjoy the miles of trails. The best part about Afton Alps is that you do not have to wait for heavy snow to go skiing there – the resort has a state-of-the-art snow creation system. You can take ski or snowboard lessons – or relax in one of the chalets while your family takes to the slopes. 

When you are finished skiing, relax with one of several dining options, from a licensed pub to grab-and-go breakfast and a kid-friendly canteen-style chalet. You can even enjoy playing a round of golf at the nearby golf course, which is part of the resort.

From Farmsteads to Food – Woodbury Has it All

There is more to Woodbury than skiing. The town and the nearby cities offer all sorts of historical places, outdoor escapes, and delicious food. If you are ready to start your Minnesota adventure, try one of these popular excursions:

  • The Charles Spangenberg Farmstead dates from 1869 and is one of only a few historic farmsteads in the area. The house is not currently open to the public as it is a private residence, but it is worth going by just to admire the authentic architecture.
  • Downtown Minneapolis and Skyways Guided Walk is a fun way to pass a couple of hours. Get a flavor of busy Minneapolis's everyday life, admire the many skyways that connect downtown buildings, and stop off for some caramel corn.
  • Historic Downtown St Paul Food Tours is a half-day tour filled with delicious eats. From local wild rice to beer brewed with well water, enjoy the best local Minneapolis food with your knowledgeable guide.

Do Icicles Mean you Need Water Damage Restoration?

Icicles look pretty and can even lend a cozy feel to a house if you are nice and toasty inside! However, icicles can cause problems. They can break and fall onto windshields or even people, they can damage gutters, and they can even break windows. If an icicle melts, damages a window, or pulls down a drain, you could find yourself needing water damage restoration. To deal with the icicles, you need a roofing professional. To deal with potential water damage, you need SERVPRO. Our techs can:

  • Use moisture probes and infrared cameras to check inside walls for water damage.
  • Put a tarp over damaged doors or windows until you can get them repaired.
  • Use dehumidifiers to dry any water-damaged areas.

If you have concerns about potential water damage, call SERVPRO of Woodbury, Cottage Grove at (651) 314-4631.

Kula Calm Yoga from the Comfort of Your Cottage Grove Home

12/21/2020 (Permalink)

If you're missing out on your yoga classes, Kula Yoga has a safe way for you to get back to your yoga activities.

Cottage Grove Residents - Enjoy Yoga Hosted by Kula Yoga MN for Virtual Classes

Whether you are just getting involved with yoga or looking for a great class to enjoy from your home, Kula Calm Yoga is available at the end of the month. Kula Yoga MN hosts these virtual classes via Livestream, and they offer a nice way for you to stretch, improve flexibility, and work on breathing techniques. With the need for social distancing, these online classes are an excellent way to keep moving and maintain your overall health and wellness, all while staying within the comfort of your own home. Class categories include No Sweat, Break Sweat, and Drip Sweat. All classes are accessible for each level, and modifications are addressed depending on student needs.

  • Date: Wednesday, December 30th, 2020
  • Time: 9:15 am to 10:15 am
  • Where: Virtual Classes hosted by Kula Yoga MN
  • Details: Register in advance to receive the Livestream link

When you have water damage in your home, SERVPRO of South Washington County is the team to call. We arrive quickly and get to work locating the source of the emergency while developing a plan for extraction, drying, and sanitization. Call (651) 314-4631 for details or to have a crew dispatched to your home to ensure your interior gets fully restored to preloss condition.