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How To Make Sure a Sump Pump Works

8/23/2022 (Permalink)

Give maintenance to your Sump pumps

How to Check a Sump Pump's Operation

Homeowners should regularly test sump pumps to make sure that this flood-prevention equipment is operational. Pump maintenance can reduce the frequency of sump pump repair or replacement. Find out how to prevent flooding by testing and maintaining a pump.

Periodically Test the Pump

It is not difficult to determine whether a pump is functioning properly. Take the following measures:

• Fill a bucket with water
• Dump the water into the basin and see if the pump activates
• Check the float and power source if water does not drain

A homeowner should test a pump several times a year, particularly before storms with heavy rain. Depending on the condition of the pump, maintenance or repairs may be necessary.

Maintain the Pump

Several pump maintenance methods can prolong the operational life of a sump pump. A homeowner can ensure that a pump will work properly by taking these steps:

• Clear debris from the grate, intake screen, pit, discharge pipe and vent hole
• Make sure the float functions
• Check the power cord condition
• Replace the backup battery every two to three years

Accumulated debris can put unnecessary stress on pump machinery and cause mechanisms to wear out faster. A pump should have backup power and may also have an alarm.

Provide Backup Power and Set Up Alarms

Plug a pump into a ground fault circuit interrupter or GFCI outlet. Backup power sources include a battery, car battery, deep cycle boat battery or a generator. Many pumps have battery-powered alarms triggered by high water levels. Homeowners can customize alarms, and some newer pump models send cell phone alerts.

All of these measures can ensure that a pump will function when water levels rise in a basement trap or floor drain. If a sump pump fails and results in a basement flood at a residence in Woodbury, MN, the homeowner should arrange for damage mitigation and restoration.

4 Ways To Save on Home Maintenance Costs

5/30/2022 (Permalink)

Water usage is another significant maintenance cost. Thankfully, many manufacturers now make water-saving devices, such as showerheads and faucets.

4 Ways To Save Money On Home Repairs

The purchase of a home comes with a maintenance cost. Many homeowners forget about the expense of operating a house when buying one. Still, as any remediation service in Newport, MN, can attest, from the unexpected to the expected, home maintenance can be expensive. Thankfully, there are things a homeowner can do to reduce monthly costs.

1. Lighting Upgrades

One of the significant expenses of running a household is energy consumption. Whether from everyday family laundry or late-night television marathons, it is relatively easy for a family to shoot up the electric bill. You can save quite a bit of money on electricity by replacing traditional lightbulbs with LED options. You can also save by using dimmable options.

2. Water Conservation

Water usage is another significant maintenance cost. Thankfully, many manufacturers now make water-saving devices, such as showerheads and faucets. Installing a new kitchen faucet can reduce the number of gallons you use per day, thereby lowering your water utility costs.

3. High-Efficiency Appliances

How old are your washer and dryer? What about your refrigerator, dishwasher, or oven? Most manufacturers now make high-efficiency appliances. The Energy Star appliances will use less electricity, gas, and water to perform the same operations as older machines.

4. Smart Devices for Property or Facility Management

If you have a smartphone, there are many devices you can install to save money, from lightbulbs to thermostats. With a smart thermostat, you can program the temperature of your house for when you are home or away. Again, such devices can save a tremendous amount of money every year.
While the cumulative maintenance cost of a house can be discouraging to future home buyers or current homeowners, there are ways to alleviate the expenses. With technological advancements, homeowners now have more options than ever before to save money on routine tasks.

Top 3 Ways To Prepare Your Residential Units for Hurricanes

5/29/2022 (Permalink)

A powerful storm can endanger the properties you oversee fast, but preventative action can at least reduce the effects.

The Top 3 Ways To Prepare Your House For Hurricanes

Hurricane damage can be a major threat for the tenants and the properties you manage in Cottage Grove, MN. It can threaten to keep people out of their homes and be time-consuming and expensive to repair. You can reduce the damage before disaster strikes by being proactive. Learn about strategies you can use to mitigate the impact of storms and keep people safe.

1. Create a Hurricane Preparedness Plan

Creating a preparedness plan for hurricanes is an effective way to protect residents and staff. Study the territory where the property is located and how exactly it can be affected during a storm. Use that information to create an evacuation plan to share with everyone. Establish emergency communication through emails, texts, social media or walkie-talkies. Finally, put together an emergency kit with essential supplies and set it by the main office.

2. Protect the Indoor Areas

Reducing hurricane damage is a part of your property management duties. Rooms and other indoor areas are vulnerable to debris entering via broken windows. Avoid this weakness by boarding up the property's windows with plywood. This task is achievable on a smaller property but less so on a multi-unit building. Try to prioritize the main office and common areas so they can still function while emergency restoration services handle the other damaged locations.

3. Reduce Potential Outdoor Damage

The outdoors are more vulnerable to a hurricane, so there is plenty to do. Store smaller items such as garbage cans and outdoor furniture inside, and tie down anything you cannot transport quickly. Ensure that outside drainage is unclogged so that excess water can flow towards the ground easily. Finally, prevent debris from trees and shrubs from spreading throughout the property by trimming them regularly. Some of these tasks can be done hours before the storm or as part of regular maintenance.

A powerful storm can endanger the properties you oversee fast, but preventative action can at least reduce the effects. Protect tenants and diminish hurricane damage with the appropriate strategies.

Different Weather Events Threaten Cottage Grove Homes

3/14/2022 (Permalink)

When storm damage hits, call SERVPRO of Woodbury, Cottage Grove.

Specific Situations Impact Cottage Grove Properties with Storm Damages Differently. 

Post-storm cleanup is vital for many properties in the area after disasters strike. From high winds and flooding to hail and ice storms, we must have the right solution for the damage that occurs. We can help with: 

  • Repairs
  • Flood removal
  • Cleanup
  • Drying

Wind Damages

Storm damage for Cottage Grove homes can include situations like high winds. When temperatures steeply change or harsh storms are moving in, violent winds can be enough on their own to knock down trees, their limbs, or pummel properties with debris.

Torrential Rainfall

Hard rains are not uncommon for the area, either. While not all rainstorms produce flood conditions, prolonged storm systems and heavy downpours can generate conditions for destructive events like flash flooding. Rapidly moving water swells can destroy home defenses and leave property owners contending with several inches of standing water to extract and dry up.

Snow and Ice Events

In the northern part of the United States, our area sees some of the worst winter weather conditions regarding snow, ice, and destructive temperature drops. Freezing pipes can be a significant concern, as well as ice damming along the edges of a roof that prevents snowmelt from reaching gutters. Instead, water is forced back into the home through roofing materials.

Hail Impacts on a Home

Hail is a collection of solid precipitation dropping on homes, structures, vehicles, and other sensitive materials. While roofs can withstand impacts like these, prolonged storms or hail damage to already compromised roofs can be enough to produce structural vulnerabilities. Our competent restoration team must address water penetration into the attic as quickly as possible.

Storms and natural disasters are destructive and costly for homeowners to restore and repair. With a team capable of both recovery and build-back services under one roof, we can save customers money and time on the work their properties might need. Our SERVPRO of Woodbury, Cottage Grove team is ready to help when disasters strike at (651) 314-4631.

Repairing Vulnerabilities to Flood-Damaged Woodbury Structures

2/1/2022 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Woodbury, Cottage Grove is ready to tackle the water with you.

After flood damage in Woodbury properties, many materials require repair or replacement. 

Flooding can be very destructive, so in most situations, some degree of build-back and structural repair is needed to make the disaster "Like it never even happened." Our experienced team can quickly evaluate the house's condition to show where greater attention is required after restoration.

Inspection and Integrity Evaluation

After flood damage in Woodbury homes, property owners can be overwhelmed by the impact of intruding water. A careful inspection of the house can show where immediate cleanup and mitigation solutions can help, including:

  • Extraction
  • Content Relocation
  • Disinfection

Repairing the Roof

Severe storms can quickly cripple and destroy the roof of a home, especially if the materials have already started to weaken or deteriorate due to age or wear. Heavy snowfall, hail, strong winds, and other severe weather circumstances can remove shingles and impact underlayment materials like plywood and joists. After floodwater is cleaned up from the basement, our team must replace and repair vulnerabilities to the roof.

Replacing Basement Foundations

The infiltration of groundwater into the basement level of your house can destroy mortar joints and any vulnerabilities in the low-porosity concrete masonry units. Not only does our SERVPRO team need to address the standing water in the basement to prevent greater harm to stored contents or finished surface materials, but repairs must also occur to any of these newly formed openings where water entered the house.

Restoring Water-Damaged Wall Assemblies

Repairs also mean correcting issues with wall and ceiling assemblies. Trapped water within these structural elements and cavities can develop mold and deteriorate exposed materials. In many cases, moisture detection devices can determine how far moisture wicks up surfaces like drywall to gauge the needed flood cuts.

Several repairs are needed after floodwater exposure and subsequent damage to a local home. With the restoration experience and the general contractor license of our SERVPRO of Woodbury, Cottage Grove team, we can help. Give us a call today at (651) 314-4631. 

What Specific Issues Need Addressing After Flood Damage in a Woodbury Home?

12/22/2021 (Permalink)

Storms and flooding can cause significant damage to your home.

SERVPRO Relies on Experience and Loss Evaluation to Determine What Issues Need Fixing

The damages can be significant, whether it is the storm or resultant flash flood that leaves your property inundated. A simple overview of the situation may not help you understand what you need to restore your Woodbury property to its preloss conditions.

Evaluating the flood damage at your Woodbury property helps paint a clear picture of the specific items affected and how you can restore them. SERVPRO uses advanced and straightforward equipment, especially when assessing moisture intrusion, thus gaining actionable information.

The typical scenarios you must address include:

  • Dealing with wet materials
  • Repairing physical damage to roofs, windows, and trim
  • Removing contamination
  • Managing odors

Excessive moisture is the main problem caused by flooding. Wet materials are weak, unsightly, or unusable. They also keep deteriorating the longer they remain moist. You must decide whether to dry the materials or remove them from your property entirely. Our SERVPRO water restoration technicians can help you make an informed decision. For instance, carpets and upholstery are salvageable through cleaning and drying if flooding does not involve contaminated water. Wall materials such as insulation must be removed and replaced since the loss of R-value, matting, or rusting renders them unusable.

Flooding, especially from a storm, can involve significant physical damage. A torn roof and shattered windows are some common damages. Since replacing the damaged materials may not be possible immediately after the loss, stop-gap measures are necessary. Our SERVPRO crews install roof tarps and board up other openings to protect the interior areas of your home.

Flooding also involves some unseen problems. Contamination and foul odors are two common issues that are not seen but still need addressing. Decontamination and deodorization also share other characteristics. For instance, you might need to remove some structural materials or contents to address the two issues. Our SERVPRO teams also use chemical products to decontaminate surfaces and manage odors.

SERVPRO of Woodbury, Cottage Grove handles flood damage professionally, eliminating guesswork. Call us at (651) 314-4631. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Saving Heirlooms in Woodbury After Storm Flood Damage

10/27/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO rescues priceless fire damaged possession with advanced cleaning devices. Our Woodbury customers are always pleased with the outcome.

SERVPRO Technicians Help Save Prized Possessions After Your Woodbury Home Has Flood Damage

It used to be that a flood or house fire meant that you had to toss everything and start over again. All of the innovations in cleaning and restoration open up the possibility for repair rather than replacement. SERVPRO understands that flooding during a storm presents challenges regarding your structural materials and your contents and personal belongings. We have a water extraction team with an impressive success rate for saving items that may have been impacted by floodwater.

Cleaning items with flood damage in Woodbury is a multi-step process, and our skilled technicians have the training to handle a variety of situations. When we arrive, we may take steps such as:

  • Pack-Out – Our pack-out services help us get the process started as soon as possible. Our team logs each item for inventory purposes so that we can track them throughout the process. Some things get moved off-site for storage, while others may require specialized cleaning methods. We provide the CCIS Contents Cleaning Inventory System to provide you and your insurance company with professional documentation.
  • Cleaning – There are many ways that items can be cleaned during flood restoration. Solid, non-porous items can get cleaned using ultrasonic bath immersion devices that have deionized water. Other items can be washed and wiped by hand, depending on fragility and value. For books, photos, and important documents, we have drying techniques to try salvaging as much as possible. The process lyophilization--free drying--can often salvage documents.
  • Odor Removal – Floodwater is known for creating musty odors. Our odor control technicians (OCT) have a variety of products and equipment to address such smells to restore your interior “Like it never even happened.”

Why Clean Items Rather Than Replace?

Working with SERVPRO of Woodbury, Cottage Grove can save you time and money by repairing or restoring items rather than replacing them. We value the impact of precious possessions and photographs are clients wish to preserve. When you have contaminated storm waters coming into your home, we are the team to call for flood damage restoration. Call us at (613) 314-4631 to mobilize a crew.

What Should I Do if My Ceiling Leaks Severely After a Storm in Woodbury?

9/23/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO of Woodbury, Cottage Grove is here for all of your storm damage needs. Just give us a call.

SERVPRO Can Assist with Ceiling Repairs from Water Damages in Woodbury

Towards the end of the summer season, several places across the country see severe storms caused by the hurricane and monsoon seasons. Even though Minnesota is safe from the vicious hurricanes and tropical storms that strike the southern part of the county, severe rainstorms can still be prevalent. For example, during a thunderstorm, the wind can get intense and rip off portions of your roof's shingles.

When dealing with flood damage cleanup in Woodbury, our SERVPRO technicians often find that leaking roofs are the source of the issue. Once there is a hole in your roof, the rain can pour into your structure and start to cause damage. And sometimes, it is not possible to seal the gap in your roof right away due to the storm. Therefore, it is possible that enough water can enter your house to where there is standing water on your flooring. 

Anytime water from the outside builds up on your flooring, any porous materials will have to be removed and replaced due to the possibility of contamination. If the water gets deep enough, your drywall may also have to be removed or cut two or more feet up from the floor. Luckily, SERVPRO can help in an emergency with the following services:

  • Repair Leaking Roofs from Storms
  • Ceiling Repairs from Water Damages
  • Water Removal Services
  • Water Damage Repairs
  • Basement Flooding Cleanup
  • Flood Restoration

Anytime you find more than two inches of standing water on your floors after a storm, we can use a submersible pump to remove the water. We can then start assessing which of your building materials and contents that we need to discard. Next, we can treat your other building materials, such as wall studs or subflooring, with specialized disinfectants.

If your roof ever gets ripped off by the wind, call SERVPRO of Woodbury, Cottage Grove at (651) 314-4631. 

Floodwaters Impacted a Cottage Grove Living Room – What Can Be Saved?

7/7/2021 (Permalink)

Flood damage from a storm is nothing to play with. Call SERVPRO of Woodbury, Cottage Grove to get your home back where it needs to be.

When Flood Damage Strikes Cottage Grove SERVPRO Can Guide Homeowners on What Can Be Salvaged

Flooding can be devastating. Often it is basement flooding that you need to worry about, but in this case, the living room was flooded. A living room is one of the most used rooms in the house and contains things like books, carpet, furniture, and electronics.

Scoping Out the Damage

When our team arrives at a Cottage Grove home with flood damage, they immediately do a scope to determine how bad the damage is and what items have been impacted. Floodwaters are highly contaminated with all sorts of dirt, debris, and other bio-hazardous material. Water extraction is the main concern. Once the water gets removed, we move on to cleaning and sanitizing. SERVPRO deals with restoring and repairing;

  • Carpets, padding, and flooring
  • Furniture and drapery
  • Personal items like clothing
  • Household goods
  • Documents and books
  • Artwork

Keep in mind, porous material like carpeting may be considered a loss when saturated with blackwater. We consistently strive to restore, rather than replace, whenever possible. We provide the following services when storms hit:

  • Emergency services for water damage
  • Flood restoration
  • Water damage remediation
  • Tarping a leaking roof from storms
  • Basement flooding cleanup
  • Sewage cleanup

For professional flood damage services, contact SERVPRO of Woodbury, Cottage Grove at (651) 314-4631.

Where Should Residents Of Woodbury Get Flood Damage Restoration Services?

5/28/2021 (Permalink)

Whether flooding happened from inside or outside sources, team SERVPRO can help. Call us right away for water removal and remediation services.

Contact Our SERVPRO Technicians For Reliable Flood Restoration Services in Woodbury

As a resident of Woodbury, you need professional flood damage restoration services once the flood water recedes. The biggest challenge when it comes to restoring your property is knowing what you need to do first, where to acquire the right Personal Protective Equipment to use, and assessing the safety of the site. Never worry; our SERVPRO technicians are there to help do everything right from the beginning to the end.

Which Safety Precautions Do SERVPRO Technicians Observe During Flood Cleanup in Woodbury? 

Our SERVPRO technicians inspect your Woodbury home after a flood-damaged experience to determine whether it is safe to enter. During the inspection, we check out for both electrical and structural hazards. It is extremely important to watch out for gas leaks and fire hazards as part of electrical safety. We also check if mold has started to grow on the walls, floors, and around the drywall area. Once we ensure everyone is safe, we perform the following steps:

  • Document everything by taking videos and photos
  • Check the electrical circuits before we can reconnect them
  • We discard contaminated mattresses and furniture
  • We remove and discard wet insulation
  • Remove floor coverings and install dehumidifiers to dry the subflooring

Our team at SERVPRO of Woodbury, Cottage Grove, can inspect, clean, and restore your flood-damaged property. Call (651) 314-4631 to get help from an industry leader who works 24/7.

Who Should You Call for Flood Restoration in Woodbury?

4/7/2021 (Permalink)

You can rely upon the professionals of SERVPRO completely during a flooding disaster cleanup.

SERVPRO is a Good First Contact for Woodbury Residents

Minnesota is no stranger to cold and stormy weather, and unfortunately, storms can bring flooding problems right to your door. From flooded basements to broken windows and leaking gutters, inclement weather can cost you a lot of money in home repairs.

If you need help with flooding cleanup in your Woodbury home, whom should you call? If a broken pipe caused the flooding, you might call a plumber. Or if there is a hole in your roof, you will need a roofing specialist. 

However, if the weather causes the problem, there is not a professional you can call to change the forecast. But you can call SERVPRO. Our technicians take care of flooding cleanup from start to finish:

  • We use pumps and vacuums to get the water out of your home.
  • We dispose of potentially contaminated soft materials like carpets.
  • We ensure your home is safe to work in.
  • We clean, dry, and deodorize until your home is fresh.

No matter what the cause of the flood, SERVPRO will get your home clean and safe again. For flood damage cleanup and restoration, including disinfecting biohazardous water, call SERVPRO of Woodbury, Cottage Grove at (651) 314-4631.

How Essential Is Flood Damage Restoration?

2/21/2021 (Permalink)

House facing flooding? Team SERVPRO arrives quickly on the scene to remediate flood damage. Call us right away.

SERVPRO Offers Flood Restoration Services in Woodbury for Safety and Comfort

The city of Woodbury, MN, is a great location to spend time outdoors since it has many parks and trails. The town was first settled in 1844, but an organized government was established much later in 1858. The area was initially named Red Rock, but the name was later changed to Woodbury probably because the settlement was mostly woody before it was converted to farmland. However, officially the area was named after Levi Woodbury, who served in the United States Supreme Court, the US Senate and was also the governor of New Hampshire.  

The city had a population of approximately 72,000 residents in 2019, and the number is expected to reach 88,000 by 2040. One of the reasons given why the city continues to attract new residents is its beautiful residential neighborhoods and the vast outdoor recreation areas they connect to, including trails, parks, and lakes. The city has approximately 3,100 acres of parkland and eight small lakes readily accessible by the public.

Top Parks to Visit in Woodbury

  • Tamarack Nature Preserve

Woodlands surround the 169-acre wetland. It has incredible biodiversity and offers a perfect location for people who want to connect with nature. There is a two-mile trail in the preserve that runs through mostly flat topography. During winters, the trail is converted to serve classical style skiing needs.

  • Carver Lake Park and Beach

The park is a perfect location for various activities, including cycling, since there is access to an off-road cycling trail that stretches 5.5 miles. Picnicking and swimming are also possible. The park has a boardwalk and a playground.

  • Eagle Valley Golf Course

For golfers, the Eagle Valley course offers a unique experience since each hole is designed with a unique combination of challenges. The 18-hole course located east of Woodbury Drive and south of Valley Creek Road is laid out on 225 acres. 

Where to Shop in Woodbury

For a city frequently recognized as a great place to work, live and thrive, one may want to know whether it is easy to access everyday products or other conveniences. Luckily there are several shopping malls and specialty shopping location like:

  • Woodbury Lakes, an al fresco retail plaza that has a fire pit
  • Woodbury Village, a contemporary retail center with several renowned department store chains
  • Tamarack Village, a uniquely landscaped facility with several restaurants and over 60 stores

How Does SERVPRO Ensure Comfort and Safety After Flood Damage?

Flooding causes various problems in addition to the physical damage to materials or contents. Typical problems include deep contamination of materials and bad odor from the accumulation of wastes. Such issues cause discomfort and, in extreme cases, can be detrimental to health. 

When SERVPRO restores flood-damaged properties, the goal is to identify all issues and then find viable solutions. We use various sophisticated tools to identify and fix the problems, including:

  • Luminometers to check surfaces or water for the presence of contaminants, thus determining the effectiveness of decontamination efforts
  • Air filtration devices with various filters including pleated and HEPA filters to remove all contaminants from the air
  • Non-contact voltage detectors to test whether electrical current is flowing through materials

SERVPRO of Woodbury, Cottage Grove, identifies all problems that develop in your property after flood damage and works to address them. Call us at (651) 314-4631 to help you.

Experience Ice Dance in Cottage Grove

1/4/2021 (Permalink)

Cottage Grove Ice Arena is holding a ice dance. Looking to meet new people? Or looking for a fun activity with your someone, try this out.

Local Skaters Have the Chance to Hone Skills with Ice Dance in Cottage Grove

If you have an ice skating enthusiast in your household, it might be time for them to move up the skill level ranks. At the Cottage Grove Ice Arena, classes will be held for ice dance. Any skaters that have been through and complete Gamma classes can participate. Ice Dance teaches all of the participants all of the basics for patterns and positions with partners during ice dance while skating to ballroom tunes. This is a co-ed class suitable for children ages 7 to 18 who have the appropriate base skill levels. 

  • Date: Sunday, January 10th, 2021 and recurring
  • Time: 6 pm to 6:45 pm
  • Location: Cottage Grove Ice Arena, 8020 80th Street S, Cottage Grove, MN
  • Cost: $100 per registered participant

SERVPRO of South Washington County is always available to assist with any storm damage you may encounter on your property. Whether you have roof damage or water coming into your ground floor, we have flood cleanup techniques and board up services ready for you 24/7. Call us when you need us at (651) 314-4631, and we make it, “Like it never even happened.”

Woodbury Families Come Out to Meet with Santa this Weekend

12/1/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Says--Enjoy the Smile with Santa Sessions--while We Restore Your Flood Damaged Home, "Like it never even happened."

Celebrate the holiday season with a photo session with the North Pole’s #1 Resident

The Smile with Santa Sessions are coming to Woodbury this December 5th, 2020, from 10 AM to 3 PM. This event is a collaboration between two prominent photography studios in the Washington County area with Kylie Marie Moore Photography and Hey Babe Photos. Participants get an exclusive and safe visit with Santa Claus and creative backdrops perfect for this year’s family photo to send out with your Holiday and Christmas cards.

You can keep the cellphones in your pocket, as all the picture taking is done for you during your visit with Santa, and prints of both the encounter and the family photo session following are available after a short, one-week turnaround for digital download and processing. For more information, email

Flood damage to Woodbury homes can take all the joy out of the holidays. From ice dams to frozen pipe bursts, our SERVPRO of South Washington County can help with efficient extraction, cleanup, and drying. Give us a call today at (651) 314-4631.